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Tempo provides a scalable, secure platform for your business

One thing is certain, your organization’s video consumption will increase for years to come. Tempo offers the scalability and flexibility required to meet your evolving needs. Our platform features:

  • Scalability: Whether it is video on demand for a handful of employees, or thousands of videos and live events for hundreds of thousand viewers, Tempo offers the scalability to reliably meet your needs.
  • Security: Leveraging Globecomm’s rich heritage in providing secure communications for some of the world’s most critical organizations, Tempo ensures that your content is securely stored and distributed to your viewers.
  • Flexibility: Tempo is built on an architecture that allows it to reside at your premise, or ours. This allows you to realize the maximum value in your organization’s video platform.


  • Hybrid Networking: With employees more “on the go” than ever, you need a platform that reaches your viewers anywhere and everywhere. Tempo is built to operate across hybrid networks, including Internet CDN, Corporate WANs, and Satellite.
  • Integrations: Tempo is designed to easily integrate with your organization’s other IT platforms, including HR Associate Directories, Learning Management Systems, and Media Asset Management platforms.
  • Multiple Viewing Environments: Tempo is built for viewing on computers, mobile devices, and televisions. So whether it is a technician on an iPhone or the signage in your lobby, Tempo provides a stunning viewing experience.
  • Mobile Applications: With mobile devices capturing content everywhere, the Tempo platform is built to integrate mobile apps for the contribution and viewing of content.


  • Standards Based: With the fast pace of technical innovation, it is important that your video platform meets the latest standards. Tempo is continually evolving to support the latest technology standards, including support for HTML-5 and MPEG-DASH.
  • Transcoding & Encoding: The Tempo platform includes an integrated transcoding engine offering seamless workflows to ensure your content can be delivered to any device. In addition, Tempo works with the latest encoding platforms from the world’s most recognized providers.
  • Content Delivery: Tempo securely manages content delivery of live and on-demand videos to edge devices across the network, as required. It also streams those live and in-demand video to any modern networked device.
  • Content Management: With elegant and easy to use workflows and interfaces, Tempo makes content management intuitive for both on-demand content and live presentations.
  • Live Event Capture: Tempo helps reduce the time and expense of converting live presentations into on-demand programming with our Live Event Capture feature, that allows you publish a captured event with a single click.
  • Search: Tempo offers easy search and browsing functionality with enhanced feature sets to match your company’s requirements.

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