Tempo Offers an Expansive Range of Applications for Video Content

Applications that Persuade, Inform and Assess Through Corporate Communications, Training, and Beyond

Video content delivery is a must-have utility in todayís business environment. Tempo provides you with a single platform to deliver content to your audience through multiple applications:

  • Corporate Communications: Whether itís a live, interactive Town Hall Meeting with your CEO or an employee needing to access the latest HR benefits video on their iPad, Android tablet or smartphone in an airport, Tempo provides a secure, high quality viewing experience, everywhere.
  • Training: Tempo delivers both Live and Just-In-Time Training to associates in every environment, leveraging our low-latency technology to enable live voice, chat, and polling interaction. Tempo is the perfect solution for interactive distance learning. Our apps for iOS and Android devices allow students to participate in mobile training in an untethered environment.
  • Digital Signage:On edge devices, Tempo offers full support for HD Digital Signage and HD in-store music. This could be employee-facing messaging, or customer-facing signage for retail environments. Our signage applications include support for RSS feeds, emergency notifications and affidavit-level reporting of content playback.
  • Social Media: Tempo empowers the coming wave of informal enterprise communications with elegant workflows, interfaces for video blogs and integration of employee-generated content.
  • Enterprise-Specific Apps: Every business can build value from media-rich mobile applications. Whether itís for consultative selling, inspection reports, any other application, Tempo is the platform to manage your enterprise app environment.

Administrative Applications that Allow you to Communicate More Effectively

With Tempo, you have all the tools you need to effectively manage and evaluate your network right at your fingertips:

  • Network Management: Tempo empowers you through its powerful suite of network management software with real-time reporting on all types of traffic and devices across your networks.
  • Content Management: Tempo allows you to intuitively assemble and distribute the presentations that accompany your broadcasts. With Tempo you can evolve beyond simple PowerPoint with incorporation of videos, polling, and much more.
  • Analytics: Analytics provide the analysis of data that allows you to communicate more effectively. Tempo provides meaningful Analytics at the network, content, and user levels designed to assist you in improving communications across your organization.

Tempo can utilize computers, televisions, and tablets.